Apr 30, 2011

SureFire HellFighter 4

Battlefield experience using the successful SureFire HellFighter (HF1) has led to the next generation heavy weapon illumina- tor—HellFighter 4 (HF4). The most significant improvement is an integral rechargeable battery that can run the HF4 at full output for 30 minutes. The integral battery not only serves as a backup to the other two power options—vehicle outlets and BA-5590 disposable batteries—but also makes the HF4 more compact and convenient to use as a handheld spotlight/searchlight.
The rail mount performs double duty as a carry handle. The rail mount itself has been modified to include both the original heavy- duty T-rail clamp and an intermediary adapter mount that permits attaching the HF4 to a Picatinny rail.
Another change is selectable output. When attached to the UH-01E power cable—which includes a new grip switch for the M2HB ma- chine gun—the operator can choose high output (3,000 lumens), low output (1,000 lumens), or strobe mode that flashes about nine times per second (9 Hz). The UH-01E power cable is backward- compatible with the original HellFighter, but does not provide high/ low output or strobe capabilities to that device. All HellFighter power cables now feature a high-strength polymer sheathing that makes them thinner, lighter, more flexible, and more durable.
Finally, the HF4 features a dual swing-open filter/cover system, al- lowing the operator to quickly choose unfiltered white light, filtered infrared illumination, or an opaque protective cover. The HF4’s reflector has also been modified to provide better beam reach and wider peripheral light for situational awareness.

  • High-output, low-output, and stobe capability from HID lamp
  • Modified reflector provides better reach and wider peripheral beam
  • Durable lightweight power cables
  • Picatinny rail adapter clamp
  • Dual swing-open filter/cover system allows quick configuration for unfiltered white light, filtered IR output, or protective cover
  • Carry handle integrated into rail mount reduces profile
  • Integral rechargeable battery provides 30 minutes of runtime at high output
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