Feb 15, 2011

ZCORR Vapor Barrier Firearm and Ammo Bags

ZCORR Products offers the best Anti Corrosion protection available for all of your metallic items. Using VpCI technology and military-industrial barrier packaging techniques & principles allows ZCORR Products to offer the most durable bags and pouches with the longest lasting corrosion protection available, industry wide.
Our design concepts were tested and approved by the U.S. Military for utilizing VpCI technology & barrier packaging material to provide fail-safe long term firearm storage. We expanded on this concept and developed a line of products to address a wide breadth of storage and preservation applications. For in depth information on how and why our products offer the best protection industry wide, be sure to read the ‘How it Works’ section and the FAQ. Specific product information is also available on the individual product pages.

How it Works

ZCORR FSP Bags™ utilize a combination of Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitor (VpCI) chemistry and barrier packaging materials to completely prevent the corrosion of your firearms and ammunition. The material that ZCORR FSP Bags™ are manufactured with is a proprietary lamination of materials that conjointly yield anti-corrosion properties that have not been commercially available until now.
This laminated, anti-corrosion barrier material is puncture resistant, tear resistant, non-abrasive, non-toxic, and will not harm any non-metal surfaces. However, the most important features of the material are its VpCI impregnated sealant layer and its foil barrier layer.
The VpCI impregnated inner layer is where the anti-corrosive properties come from. The VpCI chemistry impregnated in the interior layer migrates out of the plastic and forms an invisible gas inside of the bag. This gas is made up of singular VpCI molecules that are attracted to the interior and exterior metal surfaces of your firearm. The gas coats these metal surfaces with a one molecule thick layer of VpCI chemistry that stops corrosion before it can begin. This one molecule thick layer of VpCI chemistry dissipates off of the firearm with no cleaning necessary when it is removed from the bag so that the firearm is ready for immediate use.
Foil barrier layers have been used in the packaging industry for decades and are recognized as the best material for blocking the transfer of gasses and water vapor through flexible materials. The foil layer in ZCORR FSP Bags™ performs two tasks simultaneously; it keeps harmful corrosion causing elements out of the bag and keeps the corrosion inhibiting VpCI chemistry in the bag. This allows the bag to protect your firearms and ammunition for longer than any other product on the market.

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