Jan 31, 2010

Photo of the Month January 2010

A very nice "multicam" picture from Stickman

MadBull Tracer Unit II

MadBull Ultimate Tracer finally go into mass production.
3 AAA batteries.
USB rechargeable.
Flash pick up 40 BB per second.
Over 5 models will be build.
Licensed trademarks.

MagPul G36 Magazine

New for 2010 is a polymer magazine for G 36 from MagPul in both, 20 round and 30 round models. The 30 round model will have the clear window to indicate the remaining rounds. The photos are from the prototypes and the final product will have different texture and the clear window installed at the 30 round model.

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Jan 30, 2010

Real Grenade Launcher ordering

How easy you can order a real grenade launcher in USA ?
Find it in the following link

And the reality, as usual is far from what the media are saying.

To begin with I have to say that I still am perplexed as to why they bothered with the story at all. Early last week a Sailor, Absent Without Leave from the Navy was apprehended by the Police while in the possession of two Bushmaster carbines with the serial numbers removed as well as a “grenade launcher” initially believed to be an M-203 but later determined to be a 37mm flare launcher by the ATF. It is my understanding that ABC News was told repeatedly that the item at issue was not a weapon at all but rather a novelty item, a flare gun built to resemble a military issue M203 grenade launcher. ATF does not classify the 37mm flare launcher as a weapon.
I spoke with the segment’s producer Lauren Pearl, and she was very polite but I could tell she was agitated that I had contacted her. Fair enough and I can appreciate that. No one wants to explain why they did things the way that they did and that is precisely what I asked of her. Her initial answer was that there was only one minute to present the data but after pressing her on the issue, she stated, “I don’t know why.”
At the crux of this issue is how the information was presented. After watching the piece I came away with the impression that you could do an internet search, pick up the phone and just buy one of these “killer weapons.” However, after doing some checking, I have found that this is hardly the case.
Ms Pearl did tell me that the information in the piece was correct and she is right. They did seek out the assistance of an expert. The Sportsman Channel’s “Ammunition Expert”, Larry Vickers is well known in the small arms industry and deals with far more than ammunition. Unfortunately, after showing 12 seconds of expert testimony on how difficult it is to purchase a grenade launcher, the segment’s host, David Cuomo essentially refuted Vickers’ assertions by telling us that a vendor selling destructive devises said that “the only restrictions were that a buyer had to be a resident of a state that allows them to have a grenade launcher, and most states do, and they need a gun permit.”
So, in order to find out if the information presented to me was true, I did exactly the same thing the correspondent did in the segment. I googled “Grenade Launcher” and came up with well over one million hits. Then I googled “Grenade Launcher for sale” and only came up with 181,000 choices. Of those only a few were actually for the sale of real honest-to-goodness grenade launchers. The rest offered airsoft versions or the dreaded 37mm flare launchers that inspired the piece.
After some checking, I was able to ascertain that Mr Cuomo was seeking information on the DD1-152 M203 Grenade launcher offered for sale by Autoweapons.com. What makes this story even more convoluted is that the model that he chose was built specifically to fit on a rare foreign weapon; the AK4 Swedish variant of the HK G3. This makes it even more useless to the casual buyer as one would then need to purchase the proper base weapon to mount the M203 to, in this case an AK4. Naturally, this means more red tape and rules.
And purchasing an actual M-203 40mm grenade launcher is hardly the end of it. To make it a “killer weapon” one would require ammunition. Each round requires exactly the same process to purchase as the launcher itself. That’s right, $200 tax stamp for each individual round, more fingerprints, more background checks, more waiting. This may be why you don’t see neighbors blowing each other up with 40mm grenades. The ATF does a great job of regulating the transfer of these devises. The reality is that they are far from easy to purchase, and you certainly can’t order one over the phone or internet.
If the problem with the segment was that there was only one minute to present the data, then perhaps the answer was to provide more time so that terms like “gun permit” could be adequately explained as an ATF Form 4, payment of a $200 transfer stamp, background check to include fingerprints, and a wait of several months while a national agency check is conducted and the application is processed. And, on top of all of this, you have to be in a state that allows the individual to possess a destructive device like a grenade launcher. Or, maybe if the one minute is not negotiable an alternative would be to perhaps let the expert speak rather than some talking head ask about color options like he is picking out a new scooter. Either one of these options would have resulted in more facts being presented.
In the end, the ABC piece is much ado about nothing. They were informed by experts that there was no story there yet they proceeded anyway. However, I will admit that they did do their research and they did tell us that in order to purchase a grenade launcher “the only restrictions were that a buyer had to be a resident of a state that allows them to have a grenade launcher, and most states do, and they need a gun permit.” They just failed to explain what that meant leading viewers to the false conclusion that grenade launchers are as simple to purchase as a pair of shoes. They also failed to mention that while most states allow private ownership of destructive devices, neither New York City, where ABC News is located, nor the state of New Jersey where the AWOL Sailor was apprehended do. Too bad they didn’t have more time to more accurately portray the issue.
So what is the verdict? Can individuals run out and purchase grenade launchers? No.

Jan 29, 2010

Crye Precision Catalogue 2010

Crye Precision new 2010 catalogue

Jan 22, 2010


The new rifle runs on a slightly modified V3 gear box that has been optimized for this application.
The upper is fully CNC machined and features all the same features as the real Masada ACR.
The bolt locks back, and the charging handle is located forward on the handguard.

One of the most interesting features of this rifle is it’s modular design. The barrel can be replaced in a tool free process to change from CQB to Carbine or to other available lengths. The lower can be removed and replaced to swap from the 5.56 configuration to a 7.62 setup using the same gearbox and upper receiver components. The AK style mags are not TM compatible, however. All of the stock options should be available, including the fixed, folding, and precision stocks. The rifle will be released in Black, Flat Dark Earth, and Foliage Green, and MagPul PTS has said that all the optional parts, from barrels to full front RIS units and spare lowers will be completely available. They also confirmed that a GBB conversion kit for the PTS ACR is in the works. This rifle is an AEG with multiple mag options, interchangeable barrels, stock options and an option to convert to GBB use as well.
MSRP of $450.

Jan 21, 2010

MagPul Buggy

That is a nice Buggy.

Click pictures to enlarge

Magpul Buggy as seen in ShotShow 2010, in there booth.

Same buggy in an other event.

Troy Industries Polymer Mag

The new Troy Industries magazine is made from high impact polymer and ready to hit the market. A 30 round is already available while a 20 round is coming. Anti-tilt follower, directional textured sides and it comes with a pull tab also. The magazine is ready for use with all M4, HK416 and FN SCAR style weapons. These are available in black, flat dark earth and green.

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Jan 20, 2010

Leatherman MUT

Leatherman, a well know company for quality multi tools, has entered shooter's tool market.

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Two models will be available probably in September: MUT Utility and MUT EOD.
MSRP 150$.
The Leatherman introduction video

Leatherman MUT Brochure

Gear Sector Mounts

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Nice selection of mounts from Gear Sector for slings, flash lights and weapon control. They are low profile, very light and designed to fit perfectly flush with Tango Down rail panels.

Sling mounts for 1", H&K loop, QD and QD swivel.
Flash light mounts for Surefire 6P, E-series and G2 Nitrolon
Material : 6061 T6 Aluminium
Finish : Type 3 hard coat black anodizing
Origin : Made in USA
Colors : Black and Dark Earth


 Magpul PTS FPG (Folding Pocket Gun) finally in production
It is actually a polymer conversion kit that fits airsoft KSC/KWA G18C slide assemblies and can use G17/18C magazines. It will be available February 2010 in black. MSRP 225$
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Jan 19, 2010

MagPul 2010 Catalogues

Magpul catalogues for 2010 in PDF. Enjoy.
1.Intro contents
4.Theory Based Products
5.Magpul Dynamics
6.PTS Propaganda

Jan 18, 2010

MadBull Tracer Unit

Catch more BB at high speed shooting
Better performance than Japan made tracer
Lower battery consuming
Flare function (optional)


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A new GBBR from WE, the Knights Armament Professional Defense Weapon. Nice official intro poster and video.

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