Sep 21, 2011

Kolon Loses $920 Million Verdict to DuPont in Trial Over Kevlar

Kolon Industries Inc. lost a $919.9 million jury verdict to DuPont Co. over the theft of trade secrets about the manufacture of Kevlar, an anti-ballistic fiber used in police and military body armor.
Jurors in federal court in Richmond, Virginia, deliberated about 10 hours over two days before finding Gyeonggi, South Korea-based Kolon and its U.S. unit wrongfully obtained DuPont’s proprietary information about Kevlar by hiring some of the company’s former engineers and marketers. The award yesterday is the third-largest jury verdict this year, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.
DuPont, based in Wilmington, Delaware, is spending more than $500 million to boost Kevlar production and meet rising demand for armor and lightweight materials that reduce energy use. Kevlar and Nomex, a related fiber used in firefighting gear, accounted for about $1.4 billion of DuPont’s $31.5 billion in sales last year.
The “jury decision is an enormous victory for global intellectual property protection,” Thomas L. Sager, DuPont’s general counsel, said in a statement. “It also sends a message to potential thieves of intellectual property that DuPont will pursue all legal remedies to protect our significant investment in research and development.”
DuPont rose 86 cents, or 1.9 percent, to $45.52 in New York Stock Exchange composite trading yesterday. The shares have declined 8.7 percent this year.
Kolon said it disagrees with the verdict and will appeal.

‘Multi-year Campaign’
The “verdict is the result of a multi-year campaign by DuPont aimed at forcing Kolon out of the aramid fiber market,” Kolon said in a statement e-mailed by Dan Tudesco of Brodeur Partners, a public relations agency. “Kolon had no need for and did not solicit any trade secrets or proprietary information of DuPont, and had no reason to believe that the consultants it engaged were providing such information. Indeed, many of the ‘secrets’ alleged in this case are public knowledge.”
Kolon said it will continue to pursue an antitrust case against DuPont, which is scheduled for a March trial. DuPont will file motions later this year to have the case dismissed, Sager said in a telephone interview.
DuPont will pursue recovery of the award “wherever we can find Kolon assets,” Sager said. The company also will seek punitive damages for each of the 149 stolen secrets, reimbursement of more than $30 million in attorney’s fees and an order barring Kolon from making products with DuPont’s information, Sager said.
Body Armor
DuPont, the largest U.S. chemical company by market value, sued Kolon in February 2009 alleging it stole confidential data about Kevlar. DuPont began selling the bullet-resistant fiber in 1965 and it’s used in body armor, military helmets, ropes, cables and tires. Kolon began making its own version of the para-aramid fiber in 2005.
DuPont argued in court filings that Kolon executives conspired with five former employees of the U.S. chemical maker or its Japanese joint venture, DuPont-Toray Co., to gain access to Kevlar information.
To spur sales of its Heracron aramid fiber, Kolon hired Michael Mitchell, a former DuPont engineer who also had served as a Kevlar marketing executive, DuPont said in court papers. DuPont contended that Mitchell, hired as a consultant, provided Kolon with proprietary information about Kevlar.
‘Home Computer’
Mitchell “retained certain highly confidential information on his home computer” and passed the information to Kolon, DuPont alleged in court filings.
After learning about Mitchell’s activities, DuPont executives alerted the Federal Bureau of Investigation, according to U.S. Justice Department officials.
During a search of Mitchell’s Virginia home, FBI agents uncovered DuPont documents and computers containing confidential information belonging to his former employer, federal prosecutors said last year.
Mitchell pleaded guilty to theft of trade secrets and obstruction of justice and was sentenced in March 2010 to 18 months in prison.
Kolon recruited other former DuPont workers, including engineers and researchers, as part of a “concerted effort” to obtain information about Kevlar, according to court filings.
“DuPont’s investment in developing this information, amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars over many years, was thereby essentially lost,” the company said in a filing in October. “Kolon is now able to compete against DuPont in the aramid marketing using DuPont’s own information against it.”
The case is E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co. v. Kolon Industries Inc., 09-cv-58, U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Virginia (Richmond).

Sep 13, 2011


09.12.2011– Montreal, QC, Canada – Revision Military, the recognized global leader in ballistic and laser eye protection, launches into the head protection arena with the introduction of its new Batlskin Head Protection System. The first fully integrated and fully modular solution of its kind, the Batlskin Head Protection System combines groundbreaking technology and design, with new materials and innovative processes to deliver an all-new ballistic helmet shell, trauma liner, front mount, retention system, mandible guard and visor. The result is a single, fully integrated system that provides excellent protection from blunt force, blast and ballistic threats, with a lightweight wearability for peak performance.

"The product of several years of research and development work, we’re proud to introduce the Batlskin system at a critical time. The unfortunate reality is that wartime head and face injuries are at an all-time high," explains Jonathan Blanshay, CEO of Revision. "The Batlskin Head Protection System not only makes radical leaps forward in helmet and liner technology; its integrated visor and mandible guard could also greatly reduce the incidence of traumatic brain injury (TBI) in blast situations. At the same time, the modular and scalable nature of this system provides soldiers with the unique ability to quickly armor-up and -down as the threat environment dictates."

About the Batlskin Head Protection System Modular Components:

The Batlskin Lightweight Helmet uses advanced shell technology to achieve weight reduction while increasing ballistic performance. Its rigid construction is engineered to withstand blunt force, blast and ballistic threats.
● Hybridized layers of materials bonded through innovative manufacturing processes provide the next generation of combat helmet shells
● Enhanced ballistic performance, at minimum 20% lighter than current shells for long-wear comfort

The Batlskin Impact Liner uses dual foam technology for superior fit, comfort and impact absorption. Its multi-level design allows for cooling and stability while shim pads afford a custom fit.
● Exceeds EN 397, Canadian CG634 and U.S. ACH impact standards
● Lightweight, sweat-wicking materials offer superior comfort and wearability

The Batlskin Ergonomic Retention System employs one-handed adjustment buckles for ease of use and straight-line-force design for stability—even with night vision equipment.
● Integrates with Batlskin head protection system ensuring no interference with communications equipment or when sighting a weapon
● Comfortable nape pad and cabretta leather-lined chin strap allow for superior wearability

The Patented Batlskin Multi-Purpose Front Mount allows for the rapid attachment of protection enhancing devices such as the Batlskin visor and mandible guard. Ingeniously, it also doubles as a universal NVG mount with a lightweight and durable construction for modern-day battlefield use.
● Provides excellent stability for NVG use and other surveillance devices
● Core piece that seamlessly integrates Batlskin visor and mandible guard

The Batlskin High-Threat Mandible Guard provides lightweight blunt force, blast and ballistic protection for the lower jaw. Its durable, low-profile design is engineered for rapid attachment and removal while on the fly.
● Seamlessly integrates with all Batlskin modular components even when sighting a crew served weapon
● Alternative polycarbonate or lightweight wire cage mandible guards available for different threat levels

The Batlskin Three-Position Visor provides blunt force, blast and ballistic protection, flawless optics and maximum field-of-view. Designed for quick donning and doffing while on the move, it is scratch, fog and chemical resistant.
● Locked, vented and up positions allow for full ballistic coverage, breathability & adjustability
● Visor frame, seal and arm ensure secure attachment to the helmet during blast overpressure stresses

Revision’s Batlskin Head Protection System makes its European debut at DSEi, taking place at the ExCeL London Centre in the UK, September 13-16, 2011. Its North American unveiling will take place at the AUSA Annual Meeting in Washington, DC, USA which runs October 10-12, 2011

Sep 10, 2011


The newest additions to the Magpul Original Equipment (MOE) line, the MOE+ Grip and MOE-K Grip, are now shipping.

The MOE+ is a drop-in replacement for the AR15/M16 pistol grip featuring a wrap-around rubber over mold for added user comfort and maximum weapon control, interchangeable storage core options, and a hard polymer base to prevent snags and damage to the grip. Say goodbye to the days of DIY grip tape; this ergonomic design and rubberized texture are ready for adverse environments straight out of the box. Reinforced body construction and our proprietary polymer guarantee reliability, durability, and functionality. All mounting hardware included.

The MOE-K is a slim profile, compact grip with a grip angle optimized for use on Personal Defense Weapon (PDW) AR-16/M-16 configurations. The more vertical grip angle improves comfort and control on rifles that bring the primary hand in closer to the shooter's body or body armor. The slim profile also makes it an excellent choice for shooters who prefer a smaller grip circumference. As with all Magpul accessories, these grips are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.

The MOE+ is currently available in black. The MOE-K is available in all four colors.

Sep 9, 2011

Madbull: Licensed Daniel Defense 4" Lite Rail KIT

Product Details:
Kit includes: 4" pistol length Rail, 7" outer barrel, and 153mm Madbull Black Python tight bore barrel for easy installation.

The innovative Daniel Defense AR15 Lite Rail 4.0 system gives the weapon system an uninterrupted upper rail platform and also allows the Armorer to install the rail system with simplified alignment to the upper receiver. Not only does this battle proven system provide features that no other rail system possesses, but it is also the lightest rail system available.

  • Ideal for CQB situations
  • Free Floating Barrel Design
  • Uninterrupted Upper Rail Platform
  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • Hardened Steel Barrel Nut
  • Grade 8 Military Specification Fasteners
  • Mil-Spec 1913 Picatinny Rails
  • Black and FDE Tan
More info & photos:

Sep 2, 2011

The Pentagon Orders Ballistic Boxers As Groin Injuries Surge In Combat

The force of an improvised explosive device travels up from the ground, through the floor of a vehicle and directly into servicemembers lower torsos with devastating effect.
The Washington Post reports that from 2009 to 2010 this type of often fatal injury rose from 4.8 to 9.1 percent -- 90 percent in one year alone.
In response the U.S. military just put in a rush order for $21 million worth of "ballistic" groin protection.
Generally made oof pliable Kevlar, the gear wraps the pelvic region, protecting the femoral artery in the thigh.
Of the 142 soldiers with lower body wounds at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany, where almost every servicemember goes after a severe injury, 40 percent of the soldiers had wounds to the testicles.
The order will be filled by British firm Cooneen, Watts, and Stone, Ltd who have provided over 300,000 pairs of ballistic undergarments to English soldiers in Afghanistan.
British troops wearing ballistic underwear (UK Ministry of Defense)

Barrett M240LW

The U.S. military has called upon the M240B belt-fed medium machine gun for two decades to provide troop support with suppressive and direct fire. These weapons have put millions of rounds downrange, and littered the sand with hot empty brass, links and blood when called upon. The M204B is reliable, but troops in the field alerted their higher ups that improvements were needed. A request went out to "cut the fat" from a weapon that incorporates design features that date back to the end of WWI. Barrett Firearms, dependable provider of the M107 .50 semi-auto, took the initiative and designed the M240LW (Light Weight) to take advantage of cutting-edge manufacturing techniques.

Sep 1, 2011

Marines face off in Combat Marksmanship Training

Marines and sailors from the Scout Sniper Platoon and Personal Security Detachment, 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit, faced off during combat marksmanship training to give a realistic edge to the competitiveness of modern warfare. Sgt. Paul Robbins, Jr. brings us the story.

Bird like UAV shot down in Pakistan

It looks a bit like silver bird. It probably was used to spy on insurgents. And now it’s in the hands of the Pakistanis. The Pakistani Frontier Corps in Baluchistan province recovered the drone. And they confidently declare it to be an “American surveillance unmanned aerial vehicle.”

Hot Shots 2012 Calendar

Earlier than last year the Hot Shots 2012 looks really fantastic. Preorder

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