Apr 1, 2010


Designed to meet the demands of soldiers in real battle situations,
IGRS is a unique magazine grip rail system that serves as a
total weapon enhancement platform for today’s combat rifles.

The Grauer IGRS™ Story
Some of the more significant advancements in today’s warfare did not originate from enormous military R&D efforts, but instead from soldiers making necessary adjustments in the field to achieve and survive their missions.  One example is the popular rail systems currently deployed on many combat rifles. The idea for these rails originated in Vietnam, where soldiers secured flashlights to their weapons using duct tape. 
IGRS perfects the “Magazine Hold”
Grauer observed that many warfighters use their weapons differently in combat than how they were trained - by holding the magazine well with their non-shooting hand.  This “magazine hold” is often preferred even when ARs are equipped with vertical fore-grips.
Warfighters do this, of course, for very intuitive and ergonomic reasons. But grasping the weapon in this manner using current AR configurations has its limitations. The hands are positioned too close together with this hold, which impacts weapon stability. The non-shooting hand also comes into contact with the magazine, which can lead to jams.
Grauer both embraced and improved upon this widely used combat technique by incorporating the MagGrip into IGRS in a way that improves performance while addressing the shortfalls. IGRS maintains all the ergonomics, intuitive nature and tactile feedback of the traditional magazine hold, but spreads hands further apart for better weapon control. This also keeps the shooter’s hands off the magazine, avoiding jams. But Grauer has advanced the design several steps to further improve the overall ergonomics and weapon synergy by integrating the MagGrip into the rail system. 
IGRS improves the “Horizontal Hold”
To effectively stabilize the weapon and control recoil, the predominant force applied by the non-shooting hand must be rearward, pulling the weapon into the shoulder.  By its nature, a magazine hold does this without compromise.  IGRS extends this principle to the traditional “horizontal hold” as well.  Using the bottom of the palm of the non-shooting hand to butt up against the MagGrip provides a superior means to apply a rearward force. This represents a significant improvement over the traditional grasp, which requires the shooter to squeeze tightly with their non-shooting hand to apply the desired rearward force. eliminating the need for the shooter to squeeze with fingers and thumb.  Not only is the IGRS more ergonomic, but it also frees up both the fingers and thumb to activate switches for light and laser.

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