Jan 15, 2011

Sage International Ltd, M14ALCS/PMRI

The modern M14/M1A Sage EBR platform rifle was deployed in 2004 with the Navy under the designations MK14 Mod 0 and MK14 Mod 1. This was due to their need for a compact M14 with a collapsible stock, which would facilitate easier deployment in the confines of ships, vehicles and in air operations. Shortly after, the U.S. Coastguard adopted the Sage EBR, also under the designation MK14 Mod 0. Other forces followed suit, with the Army’s M14EBR-RI, the Marine Corps’ M39 EMR, and the Air Forces’s MK14 Mod 0.

Now, Sage offers a newer version of this classic rifle in the M14ALCS/PMRI configuration. Aimed at precision shooters or snipers requiring an adjustable stock comb height, the traditional EBR chassis is now fitted with a MagPul PRS2 stock.
Visit Sage at SHOT Show 2011, Booth # 20540

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