Apr 4, 2012

IAI RAM MkIII Armored Vehicle: Rough and Tough

RAM AT platform, loaded with eight LAHAT missiles. Photo: IAI

High performance, air-mobile armored combat vehicle combining extreme off-road mobility, high reliability and affordability, the RAM from IAI/RAMTA has been delivering those attributes for more than 30 years, proving its worth as a multi-mission combat proven platform in service with numerous military forces throughout the world.
MORE IN THE FULL ARTICLE: http://defense-update.com/20120327_r...and-tough.html

RAM MkIII Specifications:

  • Combat weight 6.5 tons for the basic version, 7.2 tons for the configuration with add-on armored kit.
  • Fuel capacity of 160 litres
  • Engine: 6.472 liter Deutz 189 hp @2500 rpm
  • Automatic transmission
  • Power assist steering
  • Hydraulic power assist brakes
  • Overall length: 5,950mm (including spare wheel)
  • Overall height: 2,120mm
  • Overall width: 2,080mm
RAM MKIII Performance:
  • Cruising speed: 100 km/h (0n-road)
  • Cruising range: 800 km
  • Seating: 1+7
  • Fording: 1m (w/o preparations)
  • Grade: 60%
  • Side slope: 30%
  • Vertical obstacle: 0.60m
  • Ground clearance: 0.53m
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