Mar 8, 2012

Israel’s Negev NG7 Light Machine Gun Debuts

Israel Weapon Industries is set to soon unveil the very latest variant of its Negev Light Machine Gun.
The highly-advanced and upgraded Negev NG7 will make its international debut at the upcoming FIDAE International Air & Space Fair 2012 which opens in Santiago, Chile, on 27 March. It'll then go on to be showcased at the DefExpo India 2012 event, which begins in New Delhi on 29 March.
According to a statement made by Uri Amit - the Chief Executive Officer of Israel Weapon Industries (IWI), the Negev NG7 offers several advantages over its predecessors. It's described as being more ergonomic and more reliable, offering lightweight and effective performance to battlefield-deployed troops.

Negev NG7 LMG
The design's roots lie in the Negev 5.56mm calibre Light Machine Gun, with close to 80 per cent parts commonality. However, the Negev NG7 LMG is a 7.62mm calibre gun and features both a semi-automatic firing mode and a fully-automatic mode, for precision attacks and all-out firepower bursts, respectively.
Initial development work on the original IWI Negev Light Machine Gun began in the mid-1980s, with the first examples passing into the hands of Israeli military personnel in 1997. Besides to Israel, the design's also been sold to six other nations including Georgia and Thailand, which has acquired 1,500 examples to date.

NG7 Light Machine Gun
The Negev NG7 Light Machine Gun's weight is under eight kilograms and it can be mounted to a variety of platforms, both land-based and on naval craft. There's also a series of safety elements that mitigate the uncontrolled fire risk, Picatinny rails allowing optical sights to be affixed and a gas regulator, which boosts the gun's efficiency in harsh operational environments.
"These advances, together with its unique characteristics, make it the most effective lightweight 7.62 available for infantries", Amit added. "As with all other weapons built by IWI, it was developed together with the Israel Defense Forces.
"The close cooperation between IWI and the Israeli army in the development of new weapons - and the testing of these weapons on the battlefield by the IDF - is one of the most important factors contributing to the success of our weapons among armies around the world."
Negev LMG image copyright Israeli Defense Forces
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