Feb 27, 2011

SAAB 0.50 cal Trainer Advanced

Saab Training USA supports the U.S. Warfighter by developing, manufacturing, and supporting world-class training systems for the U.S. Military, Foreign Military Sales, and Homeland Security in the Live, Virtual, and Constructive domains.
Through our U.S. contract vehicles (STOC II, Warfighter Focus, GSA, ATS) we offer training solutions up to brigade-level combined arms exercises at Combat Training Centers and homestation. Our highly skilled engineers and military trained specialists support Saab training devices and simulators wherever U.S. forces are stationed or deployed.
Saab Training USA offers instrumentation and MOUT systems which are modular, scalable and mobile; targetry solutions from basic small arms marksmanship training through armored vehicle crew gunnery qualification; Research and Development providing rapid prototyping or field modification; dedicated Service and Support assisting the U.S. Warfighter anywhere, anytime.
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