Jan 13, 2011

782 Gear Unveils New Designs

782 Gear is located in Fall River, MA and operating from remote offices in Spokane, Washington and Northern Virginia, 782 Gear was born from the inspiration of those who put their lives on the line each day in the defense of our freedom in the GWOT. Professional users such as military, law enforcement, and first responders demand the utmost in comfort and performance from their clothing and equipment... it may mean the difference between life and death. With over fifty years of industry experience and world class in-house design capability, our vision of what our customers need and want is crystal clear.
Duro Textiles, LLC has a tradition going back to 1947 and is one of the country's largest dyers, printers, finishers and distributors of textile products. Duro has maintained a leadership position within the textile industry through a commitment to new technologies, customer service and product innovation. The company is headquartered in Fall River, MA and employs 500 people. Duro Textiles is owned by Patriarch Partners LLC. The Patriarch platform is a vertically integrated distressed private equity firm with robust in-house operational turnaround expertise. Patriarch has managing funds with over $7 billion of equity and secured loan assets with equity investments in more than 70 companies, and controlling interests in approximately two-thirds of these. 

Velocity Softshell ¼ Zip Pullover

Product Description

We can't make you faster...but you might feel that way in this high-function, ultra-light piece. Essential lightweight ops gear, packable, with an amazing warmth/weight ratio. Superb protection from wind and water.  Athletic cut, 2 and 4-way stretch materials provide mobility and comfort.  2-way quarter zip design allows added ventilation even while still keeping the collar closed.  Full-zip jacket version also available.
  • Schoeller® NanoSphere® treated 2-way stretch shell
  • Tweave DURASTRETCH® 4-way stretch panels
  • Moisture-wicking lining
  • Zippered pocket for wallet, MP3, smokes or dip
  • Weight (medium) - 9.6 oz (272g)
  • Available in Multicam®

Rogue Parka

Product Description

An amazing 3-season parka merging the best of hard-shell and stretch soft-shell technology without sacrificing mobility.  A core-insulating, fleece lining enhances comfort.  Zip access to chest and belt mounted items enhance functionality.  A best-in-class hood (optional, #7825002) compliments this amazing piece of foul-weather gear. 
  • Ultra-durable  3-Layer Gore-Tex® military hardshell
  • Tweave 4-way stretch softshell with DWR
  • Polartec® Power Stretch® fleece
  • L&R 2-way side zip access to belt hung essentials
  • Zip chest pockets, pencil/Maglite sleeve pocket
  • Zip core vents allow access to shirt pockets
  • ID panel stows in tail pocket (optional, #7825003) 
  • Available in black, Multicam® (m/c available Jan/Feb '11, $80 up-charge)
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