Dec 11, 2010

Next Generation Arms X7

Whether you are an armed citizen or service professional in the field, with the solid assurance of the military-grade MP168 SPC carbine format AR-15 in your hands, you know you can focus on the goal. In the frigid arctic, the searing desert, the raging sea, jungles, forests, swamps or anywhere else you find yourself, you can be confident in your weapon. The Next Generation Arms MP168 SPC is the extreme environment rifle, and it is unparalleled in its accuracy, performance and dependability in all situations.

Next Generation Arms utilizes the direct gas impingement system, taking advantage of all its benefits and effectively removing the sole disadvantage - fouling. Our Advanced Ceramic Technology (ACT) creates a micro-smooth surface, strongly bound to the moving and bearing parts, that prevents carbon and particle buildup. ACT, together with expert craftsmanship and the highest quality components available, yields a level of reliability never before achieved in the AR-15 platform.
ACT was originally developed by Nathan Roads, the company founder, to prevent the rusting he observed on Coast Guard weapons. As he searched for coatings and treatments that would accomplish this, eventually he tried various ceramic coatings. Although there were numerous problems with the early processes he experimented with, there was evidence that ceramic was much more than just a cosmetic protectant. For example, he noticed the prototypes ran much cooler to the touch and were much easier to clean. After several years of development, all of the hurdles of ceramic surface treatment were overcome and the performance results were very promising, convincing him to forge ahead with Next Generation Arms and the introduction of an AR-15 with a unique advantage.
Nathan began to apply variations of ACT to every interior and interior metal surface in the AR-15 with just a few exceptions, the most important being the chamber itself. A primary requirement for the chamber is to tightly lock the expanded case during firing, however an ACT-coated chamber is too "non-stick" and the case puts dangerous backward force on the bolt face.
Today, after 7 years of continuous development, the MP168 SPC needs no oil in normal operation, needs far less cleaning than typical AR's, runs noticeably cooler and even seems to be more accurate than without treatment. Next Generation Arms is the only rifle manufacturer offering internal ceramic coated actions, barrels and trigger components in completely weatherproof rifles. Our ACT has been extensively torture tested and, although the ultimate wear-out lifetime is not yet known, many of our rifles have been pushed well past the life expectancy of military M16's, with no sign of problem.
Reduced maintenance is a huge benefit to all users. Professional and frequent shooters appreciate that our guns have been tested failure-free past 10,000 rounds without cleaning or other maintenance. Occasional shooters will appreciate that they may never need to clean this rifle. Please note that we do recommend that you maintain your weapon in good working order, which includes a quick (5-10 minute) cleaning after use.
The total ACT system implemented by Next Generation Arms is an expensive process, but we believe it provides advantages that no other maker can achieve, paving the way toward the ultimately reliable MP168 SPC. 
Several customers have reported 3/8 minutes of angle (MOA) accuracy at 100 yards and provided photos or verification by witness. That's 3/8's of an inch scatter in a 5-round group. We guarantee that the rifle can achieve 5/8 MOA at 100 yards with match grade ammunition and bullet weights in the range of 55-77 grains. We and our customers have routinely and consistently hit small targets at all ranges out to 1000 yards, in some cases even with strong cross-wind. The 77-grain match grade hollow point is especially potent beyond 600 yards. It is important to remember that this accuracy and range are accomplished with a military-grade carbine length format equivalent to the M4 and not a special purpose, long barrel gun.
It is fun to watch someone shoot the MP168 for the first time. An inevitable, usually excited comment is "This is the smoothest gun I've ever fired." Muzzle movement and recoil are miniscule. Triggering is smooth, 4lb single stage, with crisp break and quick reset, allowing effortless, safe multi-tapping. Experts are unanimously reporting improved rapid-fire accuracy, with upwards of 30% reduction in various multi-target drills. 

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