Nov 29, 2010

PEO Soldier FY 2011

At PEO Soldier, our only mission is to serve you, the Soldier. The PEO SoldierTeam is committed to providing our Soldiers with world-class equipmentthat will enable them to be more lethal, survivable, and able to operate inany environment.Equipping and maintaining you with this world-class equipment is adynamic challenge. With the ever-changing nature of your missionrequirements, we are constantly developing, reevaluating—and in somecases, reinventing—the right equipment to support your mission. We do thisby continually researching, developing, testing, and fielding equipment, aswell as directly receiving your feedback to ensure we always meet your ever-changing needs.Similar to previous years, we believe we are translating your mission needsinto new capabilities that support your operations in a complete range of operational scenarios, including the extremes of conditions.Thank you for your continued service and support.

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