Dec 1, 2010


The FN SCAR Personal Defense Weapon (PDW) is the latest range of SCAR . Compact and lightweight, it is for gunners of crew served weapons, drivers, crew armor, etc.. The SCAR PDW is chambered for the cartridge 5.56 x 45 mm NATO, but its performance is increased when employing the new cartridge M 855 A1 .

The SCAR PDW was presented for the first time at AUSA 2010. He had a short barrel, ending with a cover open flame. Lacrosse SCAR has been replaced by a retractable stock along the body of the weapon. The top of the chamber is provided with a fastening rail picatinny type for mounting sighting systems. It also has rails on both sides of the handguard and under was.

Because of its short length of the weapon and its firepower, it can be used by bodyguards. At the lower end of a protrusion was allows a good positioning of the hand. Control devices are type ambidextrous.
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