Nov 19, 2010

Surefire picks up two new SOCOM contracts

 Surefire just announced Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division, awarded contracts to supply USSOCOM with three lights.
The first contract, Visible Bright Light-Heavy, is $16.6m worth of Surfire’s crew served weapon mounted Hellfighter light. This is the fourth generation of the Hellfighter which has grown more compact and brighter with each generation. The Hellfighter is designed to mount co-axially on an M2 machine gun, M134 Minigun and the M240 machine gun. It puts out 3000 lumens with an HID bulb.
The second contract award is $14.9m for the Visible Bright Light-III contract which includes an indefinite number of Surefire’s M620V Scout Light and the more compact M720V Raid weapon mounted lights. These both use the Vampire head which puts out visible and IR light by rotating the light’s bezel. The use of discrete LEDs gives much better output and runtime efficiency over a system that uses filters to produce IR light.

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