Sep 1, 2010

M14 7.62mm Enhanced Battle Rifle (EBR)

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Provides infantry squads with the capability to engage enemy targets beyond the range of M4 Carbines and M16 Rifles.

The M14 Enhanced Battle Rifle (EBR) is an air-cooled, gas-operated, magazine-fed, shoulder-fired weapon. It is a rack stock M14 rifle mated to an enhanced aluminum billet stock, Mark 4 tactical scope, and cantilever mount. With its new adjustable buttstock and cheek rest and M4-style pistol grip, the rifle is effective in close quarters combat and in the Squad Designated Marksman role. The EBR can be returned to its original configuration with no permanent modifications.
Five thousand M14 EBRs were reconfigured and assembled at TACOM Lifecycle Management Command (LCMC ) at Rock Island Arsenal in response to Operational Need Statements requesting a longer range capability. The upgraded weapons are currently in service with select Army units.

Caliber: 7.62mm
–14.9 pounds (empty)
–16.6 pounds (with loaded magazine)
Barrel length: 22 inches
Magazine: 20 rounds
Maximum effective range: 600 – 800 (shooter dependent)
Muzzle velocity: 2,600 feet per second

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