Apr 5, 2010

Gunfire vs Military Batteries

A gunshot damage test of traditional military batteries and our zinc-air batteries. Below is the list of the batteries that were used: 
Traditional Military Batteries
BA-5590/U - Lithium Sulfur Dioxide
BB-2590/U - Lithium Ion (rechargeable)
Zinc-Air Batteries

The weapon that was used to shoot the batteries was an AK-47, 7.62x39mm.
**NOTE: When shooting the zinc-air batteries, multiple shots were done on each battery. The time between the shots was around 5 - 10 seconds. The video has been edited - removing the time gaps between shots.

We also conducted a voltage/duration gunshot test on the BA-8140/U. One shot was fired through one of the panels on the battery, then we monitored how long and how much voltage the battery continued to produce. The output of the BA-8140/U before the shot was 15.00 volts. Once it was shot with 1 round, the voltage dropped to around 11.20 volts and varied between that and 11.40 volts. The battery continued to output that voltage for approximately 38 minutes before it fully expired.
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