Feb 11, 2012

Madbull ACE Stock and 2 Pack QD Swivels

From time to time, we like to remind you of some our Madbull products that work very well together. This week, we're featuring our line of licensed ACE Stocks and the Madbull Two-Pack of QD Sling Swivels.

The two products are a great combination because:
1. The Madbull QD Slings Swivels 2-in-1 is an amazing value (check your local Airsoft store, or favorite online retailer)
2. The ACE Stock features up to SIX QD Swivel mounting possibilities, for maximum personal comfort.

More information about our licensed ACE Stocks, including photos, videos, third-party reviews: www.madbull.com/acestocks

Madbull's licensed ACE Stocks are the only full-metal, fully licensed ACE Stocks on the market.

Note: ACE Stock and SA-04 Two Pack Sling Swivels are sold separately.

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