Jan 13, 2012

Award of Phase IV Camouflage Uniform Contracts

On 31 October 2011, the Secretary and Chief of Staff of the Army approved the selection of multiple camouflage patterns to continue field trials and more extensive computer analysis during FY12 for the Army’s Phase IV Camouflage effort.
The U.S. Army selected five vendors to proceed forward to develop a family of camouflage patterns that will be effective across a myriad of environments. The effort, commonly known as Phase IV and managed by PEO Soldier, enters the second phase of selection with the award of these contracts by narrowing the field to five selects. These selects were chosen following a rigorous technical evaluation backed by solid scientific analyses and incorporating critical Soldier input from the field.
Four industry partners and one Government team will produce fabric for prototype uniforms and Organizational Clothing and Individual Equipment (OCIE) camouflage uniforms for field trials and other evaluations in FY2012:

1.      ADS, Inc. (teamed with Hyperstealth, Inc.) – Virginia Beach, Virginia
2.      Brookwood Companies, Inc- New York, NY
3.      Crye Precision, LLC – Brooklyn, NY
4.      Kryptek, Inc. – Fairbanks, AK
5.      Government pattern developed at U.S. Army Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center (NSRDEC), Natick, MA

Each offerer submitted a family of camouflage patterns (desert, woodland, and transitional) along with a single coordinated pattern for the Organizational Clothing and Individual Equipment (OCIE). 
The second step will entail scientific analysis including field trials and will take approximately nine months. This will be followed by a cost benefit analysis to determine if the Army will adopt a new camouflage pattern.
The Army pro-actively works alongside our sister Services in several developmental projects, with Phase IV being one of them. We share the results of our camouflage research with the other Services, and would place no restrictions on other Services wearing uniforms in the newly developed patterns. 
For more information, contact Steve Abate, Army Contracting, at (508) 233-6160. 

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