Dec 13, 2011

New Helmet Pads Provide Better Fit, More Comfort

PEO Soldier introduces one-inch helmet pads to the Army equipment inventory in an effort to provide a better fitting Army Combat Helmet (ACH) .

Three-quarter inch pads are currently standard issue with ACHs. The standard number of pads is seven pads for sizes S-XL and nine pads for size XXL. One inch pads may now be substituted for the three-quarter inch pads as another option of properly fitting a helmet for Soldiers having issues with proper fit  (if the helmet rocks back and forth and is not stable, if the helmet is too low on brow, if the helmet is not compatible with eye-wear, etc.) If Soldiers experience hot spots or discomfort with the helmet using three-quarter inch pads, the one inch pad offers a solution.

Soldiers may substitute one-inch pads where gaps are felt between the pad and the head if a snug fit is not achieved using three-quarter inch pads.  The Central Issuing Facility can issue the new pad following helmet fitting.
If the helmet is too low on the brow, not compatible with eye-wear or if Soldiers experience hot spots or discomfort, they can rearrange the pad system to accommodate a more comfortable fit.  Soldiers can also substitute pairs of one inch oblong/oval pads or individual trapezoidal front and/or rear pads or try another helmet to alleviate discomfort.
It is important to note the oblong/oval pads must be replaced in pairs to maintain stability, and the trapezoidal front and/or rear pad may be replaced individually.  Safety considerations require the crown pad to be available in one size only, the three-quarter-inch size, to ensure the helmet does not ride too high the head.

Changes are currently being incorporated in TM 10-8470-204-10 Technical Manual Operator’s Manual for Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH).
For those wishing to order one-inch pads, the following NSN numbers should be referenced:

Item Description
Pad Oblong/Oval 
Pad Trapezoidal 

*Item will have 2 each pads.
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