Oct 1, 2011

First All Black Twaron Fiber Produced by Teijn

Teijin Aramid has developed a new type of yarn – black-colored, high-modulus Twaron. This unique yarn is the first high-modulus black para-aramid yarn on the market. It has been dope dyed – which ensures the color reaches right to the core of each filament, giving it a deep black color.
Its great looks are just one of many reasons to choose black Twaron. It is ideal for reinforcing sails and other sporting goods. Also in hybrid fabric constructions Twaron Black can add stiffness, strength, dimensional stability and great aesthetics. Key benefits of using Twaron Black:
  • Strength (weight-to-weight, it’s 5 times stronger than steel)
  • Excellent performance/weight ratio
  • High modulus and tensile strength of the composite structure
  • Damage tolerance
  • Cut resistance
  • Chemical stability
  • Heat stability
  • Non-conductive
Our Twaron black high-modulus filament yarn has a 0.8% spin finish that is optimized for composite applications and is compatible with most common resin types, such as epoxy, vinylester and polyester. We have developed two different linear densities: 1210 dtex and 1610 dtex. Assembled yarns can be delivered on request, as well as twisted or tangled black Twaron yarn.
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