Aug 1, 2011

CAA MAGW3 polymer magazine

MAGW3 polymer magazine with 3 windows to show remaining rounds.
  • High impact polymer 30 round .223 magazine 
  • Non-tilting follower
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel spring
  • Light weight and rustproof
Fits: .223/5.6
Measurements: Weight(lb): .35 lbs

New to the AR market is the innovative Three Window Magazine by CAA for weapons that accept standard AR/M16 magazines. The three built-in windows allow an operator to see how many rounds remain in the mag, and it facilitates timely magazine changes. Simply glancing down at the back of the magazine from your cheekweld shows the approximate number of rounds remaining.
When the magazine is full, you will see the brass round casings in the top and middle windows. The orange follower will appear in the bottom window. indicating a full magazine of 30 rounds. As rounds are fired, you can glance at the middle window. When the middle window is empty, only 19 rounds remain in the magazine. Then you should notice the top window. When the top window is empty, only 11 rounds remain, indicating only one-third of the rounds remain in the magazine.
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