Feb 1, 2011

AR 15 Bow - PSE TAC

The AR-15 is available in just about every caliber from .22LR to .50BMG, so seeing a new offering is not very surprising. We've even seen an AR-15 muzzle-loader, AR-15 shotgun, and now an AR-15 crossbow!
There are two versions- the TAC-10 and the TAC-15, and both are available as an upper to mate to your existing lower or as a complete weapon. The 10 is a more compact version of the 15, and is about 50fps slower at 350fps. Weights on the uppers are about 6.5lbs, or about 9lbs for a complete unit.
Loading the crossbow is accomplished with a crank that allows 30-second load times and also enables let-down from full-draw.
One might think that the TAC Series is just a gimmick, especially with the moniker of "Tactical ASSAULT Crossbow", but after looking at it, this thing is on my Christmas list.
The design is well thought out, as PSE has a long history in all things archery, and it is clean, smooth, and most importantly accurate. Manufacturer claims accuracy of ~2" at 100 yds; that's more accurate than some ARs are capable of with .223.



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