Dec 6, 2010

Surefire Hi Capacity magazines

Surefire just broke cover on their high capacity magazine project this weekend. They plan to show the magazines at SHOT Show 2011. Their entry into the magazine market comes in two flavors, 60 and 100 rounds. The MAG5-100, $179, looks a bit unwieldy but the MAG5-60, $129, looks a lot less intimidating.
Derek McDonald, Surefire’s VP of Marketing, who called them “anti-ambush mags” because of the uninterrupted firepower they can provide during the critical, first 30 seconds of an ambush. He said, and later wrote in a press release, that “it takes the average soldier about 4 seconds to reload their weapon and reacquire a target. So, based on the rate of fire of a full-auto rifle, using 30-round magazines means a soldier can fire 150 rounds max in 30 seconds. But, with our 60-round mag he can fire 240 rounds in 30 seconds. And, 100-round magazine means about 300 rounds in the same time.”
The numbers are rough, but the conclusion is airtight. Over the course of a firefight, the time spent changing mags adds up. Bigger mags mean more time on target. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard this premise applied to selling bigger capacity magazines, though. The Beta-Mag people made the same pitch, but the C-Mag was not reliable enough for battlefield use. Surefire’s approach does appear a lot simpler than the C-Mag.
The mags are both made from spot welded, Mil-A-8625 Type III, Class I finished, 6000 series aluminum and have nylon followers.

From Surefire:
“In the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, a soldier’s ability to respond to an attack with overwhelming force is critical. Ambushes are commonplace and the outcome of the ambush is often determined in the first 30 seconds.
Firepower and the ability to stay in the fight are key. SureFire’s High Capacity Magazines are designed to provide the war fighter with 60 or 100 rounds of ammunition in a single magazine, thereby decreasing the number of reloads a soldier must perform and increasing the number of rounds available to a soldier to engage threat targets.”
Q.   Do I have to download my magazine to seat it in the weapon with the bolt closed?
A.  No. SureFire HCMs will fit into the host weapon with the bolt closed when loaded with the maximum round count.  The design of the magazine takes into account the allowable tolerances of cartridges manufactured to NATO  and SAAMI specifications.
Q.    Will my 60 round magazine fit into my nylon gear for 30 round magazines?
A.   The SureFire MAG5-60 will fit into most nylon pouches with Velcro cover flaps intended for two 30 round magazines.   Double magazine pouches with stitched partitions may require alteration.
Q.   Will SureFire be offering nylon pouches for these magazines?
A.   Yes. Product specifics and pricing is still to be determined.
Q.    Can SureFire HCM’s be disassembled for cleaning?
A.    Yes, the SureFire HCMs can be disassembled for periodic cleaning or as required.  A punch, the tip of a cartridge or common tool can be used to remove the floor plate from the magazine body.
Q.   What dealers will have access to HCM’s?
A.   Authorized SureFire dealers in states with no high capacity regulations. Rules and processes are being developed for dealers located in states with regulations (CA, HI, IL, MD, MA, NY, OH, DC).

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