Dec 19, 2010

Body suits provide realistic medical training

Corpsmen get chance to operate on ‘live’ patients by using ‘cut suits’

By Gidget Fuentes - Staff writer
Posted : Saturday Dec 18, 2010

Medical mannequins more akin to crash test dummies than live patients may be a thing of the past. Hospital corpsmen, doctors and other first responders can now “operate” on live patients during training.
A Marine or sailor can wear a “cut suit” — officially called the Human Worn Partial Task Surgical Simulator — during medical drills. Weighing about 30 pounds, the suit is equipped with various fake organs, including a bladder, kidneys, veins and skin that can be cut, sliced, sutured and removed.
The “cut suit” is the brainchild of Stu Segall, a Hollywood producer and president of Strategic Operations, a San Diego-based tactical training company that has helped train thousands of Marines and sailors.

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