Oct 16, 2010

Fight-changing gear

By Lance M. Bacon - Staff report
Posted : Saturday Oct 16, 2010

Whether you are a grunt kicking down doors, an engineer clearing roads or a medic saving lives, the Army has a host of cool new gear headed your way. And the gear runs the gamut — from safer parachutes and lighter, sawed-off shotguns to bomb detectors and sensors that see through walls.
The influx of new gear is largely the result of Big Army’s willingness to sacrifice service-wide uniformity for mission-specific adaptability. Most of the resulting gear is in response to soldier experience and input, but the Army has key commands leading this charge. Among them are the Asymmetric Warfare Group, which remains on the battlefield to identify how best to repel and overcome the enemy’s ever-changing tactics and weapons. Program Executive Office Soldier hosts a cadre of experts whose mission is turning ideas into reality. And the Rapid Equipping Force navigates the red tape to ensure soldiers get the gear in months, rather than years.
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