Sep 23, 2010

Most Inexpensive SureFires Ever

SureFire has heard you telling that you like their products but discretionary funding is tight and have answered the call. Available starting in January, SureFire launches two new low cost lights; the G2X and 6PX.

“In spite of the tough times, our mission is to keep quality products in the hands of our customers, and keep jobs in the U.S.A.,” said SureFire CEO/Founder Dr. John Matthews. He continued, “This was a big undertaking for SureFire, and I couldn’t be more pleased with our employees who worked so hard to make this happen.”
Expect the same Made in USA SureFire quality and same lifetime guarantee. In order to mitigate costs, SureFire has taken a couple of measures. The main differences from the G2 LED and 6P LED flashlights that the series is based on are the adoption of Mil-Spec Type II anodizing instead of Type III, use of a polymer reflector instead of machined aluminum, and the head will not be removable.
Four new models will be offered. Two flashlights will be available in a single output tactical configuration, and two with a dual output for general use. The G2X features a Nitrolon® polymer body and tailcap with an aluminum bezel while the 6PX’s body components are entirely aluminum. Each model comes in either the ‘Tactical’ models which is a single stage, 200 lumen output, and comes with a momentary activation tailcap switch. Twist for constant on. The ‘Pro’ models feature a low output 15-lumen stage that comes on first, then can be clicked over to the 200 lumen high output stage with a clicky style tailcap switch.

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