Apr 24, 2010

Surefire Crank EW 10

Crank combines compact size and maximum functionality, making it a superb everyday-carry, outdoor, or backup knife. Its compact blade, made from 154 CM stainless steel renowned for holding an edge, has excellent slicing geometry and enough point for good penetration. Sized and sculpted for a secure grip, Crank's aluminum frame features a hexagonal opening that serves as a wrench for 1/2" nuts. Slots in the opening hold various coins for use as a field-expedient flathead screwdriver, and rounding out Crank's functionality is a built-in cord-cutter and a bottle opener. 

  • COMPACT 154 CM STEEL BLADE designed for utility work
  • ALUMINUM FRAME reduces weight
  • MACHINED-IN HEX SLOT serves as light-duty wrench for ½" nuts
  • COIN SLOTS hold coins securely to serve as field-expedient flat-head screwdriver
  • CORD-CUTTER, BOTTLE OPENER built into frame

Length Closed 4 .0 inches
Length Open 6 .56 inches
Blade Length 3 .0 inches
Weight 3 .20 ounces
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