Feb 26, 2010

McMillan Tac 50 Ammo

65 $ for 10 rounds
This round was designed for the McMillan Tac-50 but can be used in various other 50 caliber rifles. Cartridge specifications include factory sealed primer, sealed neck, 238 grains of Hodgdon US869 powder, weighed to the tenth of a grain. The projectile is a multi-band 746 grain monolithic solid with a rebated boat tail, CNC machined from UNSC36000 brass with a hardness of B78. This projectile has a calculated ballistic coefficient (BC) of 1.088 at 2700 FPS. Its average velocity is 2717 fps when using the Tac-50 as your shooting platform. Each round is built by hand and in final inspection inserted in a chamber gauge to insure flawless function in the field.
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